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heading back to squatting soon

Me: dude, i havent seen u in years.. u still train hoppin/travelin or what?

Scott: who is this?

Me: oh its johnny..

Scott: where u livin now?

Me: oc..same shit

Scott: been to the gathering yet?

Me: ya..one up north of madeline

Scott: haha

Me: haha

Scott: right on.. we got a crew of like, 9 kids who have left or who are going to leave torrance city this week.. we came on a rescue mission

Me: fuuck, im going to be in vegas..

Scott: any and all kids who want to leave the west and go to the national gathering in virgina...we need a license driver... or were gonna just get greyhound tickets

Me: i think thats what one of my budds were talking about a couple days ago..

Scott: who?

Me: this kid, mikey

Scott: from torrance?

Me: yeah

Scott: yeah

Scott: u should leave again

Scott: join the crew out here

Me: yeah i know but im going to be in vegas though.. maybe ill talk to one of my buddies about that virgina thing, theyll prolly be down for it..

Scott: i definately recommend it..

Scott: fuck the cities

Scott: fuck houses

Scott: fuck the streets

Scott: its all about the forest

Scott: hiding from the man

Scott: doing what we can

Me: whatever happend with the hoppers?

Scott: eh

Scott: train hoppings about to die

Scott: feds

Scott: us marshalls

Me: really??..

Scott: patrol the trainlines

Scott: yup yup yup

Me: damn..

Scott: just get ur ass over here to the gathering

Scott: the light will always shine when around real family

Scott: kids who dont judge u and shit

Me: ya

Scott: ill have a cell phone for the next week 310- *** - ****

Scott: if u want to leave the city behind

Scott: we can help

Scott: call anytime

Scott: real ize

Scott: real lies

Scott: real eyes

Scott: there wont be any chances to get out of babylon... remember to LEAVE the electic-city before it gets too late
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