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Sitting somewhere near pflugerville and round rock, far north of Austin City Limits. Over staying my visit at a friends apartment sipping tecate. I must go out tomorrow and find something, like work wise or noise, or art or artistic inspiration. The heat though is a problem, intensely wanting me to seek cover within doors. At this time things have become mandatory then any other time. So this time has become that intensense. It sounds so less when typed and read on this screen, then the tru elements that exist when this is off and im out there. its real ugly, i do have my bike to alleviate some of the pressures. And it makes the day one of contemplation. I anticipate the occurrences of the day tomorrow and the outcome, The roof top slept on and the bagels that might still be delivered there. I can only seek successes out from this, and then it will be success.. I want you to see, I think about you. I think about you. I think about you as i act through out the day.
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